Tuesday, February 12, 2019

Spelling Strategies to Try at Home!

The best way to improve spelling is to read. As you have noticed, in addition to reading, we have included a spelling list with our required homework assignments.

We have noticed that the children are misspelling basic, first-grade sight words in their writing.

The list is to bring to your attention the words that the children should know in preparation for the third grade and to provide an opportunity to practice the words at home.  Once the test has been given, we are holding the children responsible for correctly spelling the words every time they write them. We would greatly appreciate if you could hold the same standard at home.

A new second grade family has shared some effective strategies on how to learn and remember the spelling words.

I will attach a photo soon!

Sunday, December 2, 2018

Paradise School Donations

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We have been blessed with so much, and during this time of giving our school wants to reach out and help some of the children and that have been affected by the Camp Fire earlier last month who are starting new schools. I can't imagine what the families from Paradise, California have experienced. Their lives changed so dramatically in such a short time. Rio is a place where "kind hearts and open minds rule", and several PVUSD are eager to help.

At our school we are collecting:
Binder paper
1" and 2" binders 
(all in new condition, please)
Amazon Gift Cards 
Items from the Amazon Wish List "PARADISE STRONG KIDS"

You can drop items off in the front office or in our classroom until the beginning of Winter Break. You can contact Kristen Palmquist with any questions paradisestrongkids@gmail.com 

Thank you for having a generous and giving heart! 

Writers' Workshop

In second grade we are starting a brand new unit of instruction, informational writing. Students are creating nonfiction books about a topic they are an "expert" in. We begin by exploring nonfiction texts, discussing text features and the purpose of informational writing and then we brainstorm and draft our own writing pieces. In Writers' Workshop, students' edit and add to their writing each day as we teach a directed and focused "teaching point". We have the sequence of teaching points planned before the unit begins to help scaffold instruction and help students work on each aspect of their draft (planning, drafting, adding detail, using specific vocabulary, etc.) One of the fun things about Writers' Workshop is that it is always new and fresh! Even though we have our lessons and teaching points planned, we often add a new lesson in during the week or have a "mid workshop check in" to address needs as they come up. It makes the learning more meaningful and specific for our kids! Students really enjoy writing their "All about" books, and they add so much detail and thought into their work- they are a delight to read! I will keep adding updates as the writing process continues. 

Currently, we are in the brainstorming phase and this week (12/3-12/7) will begin our introductions and work on engaging ways to hook our readers! 

Friday, August 7, 2015

Welcome to Second Grade!

Dear Rio families,
Welcome to second grade! I am thrilled to be starting a brand new school year with your child in my class. This year will be filled with fun, friendship, and important foundational skills that your child will build on each year of school.

Second grade is an important year for developing reading fluency- students are focusing on fluently and accurately decoding what they are reading, and learning to strengthen their comprehension skills simultaneously. In math, students will be developing a stronger number sense and learn strategies to help them persevere through multi step problems. This year students are learning to be more independent and a big focus in the year is learning critical thinking skills and a deeper knowledge of math strategies.

In our classroom, I am a firm believer in establishing a classroom community where each child feels valued and cared about. Consistency with routines and clear expectations help students feel secure in the classroom, allow them to focus on their learning, and help them to develop positive peer relationships. Like many teachers at Rio del Mar, I use Positive Discipline in class and help students learn responsibility and create a climate of positivity and mutual respect. I am a strong supporter of the Growth Mindset, and hope to encourage students to try their best each day!

I am looking forward to beginning a fabulous new school year, and am so excited to meet each family that will be part of our class!

Mrs. Scalisi